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A proposal to change an existing By Law will be voted on at the next Monthly Athletic Booster Club Meeting.  All members have the right to vote for or against this proposed change.  Please read the information below to understand what that change will be.”

Change to Current Bennington Athletic Booster Club by Laws:


Current Bylaw

Auditing Committee: Shall consist of two general members appointed by the President to audit the accounts and ledger of the Treasury annually.

The New Bylaw will take the Treasurer Requirements from a Committee Statues to a Bylaw listed under Finances Article 8 Section 10 and will read as such:

The Treasurer at each monthly meeting will prepare and deliver to the Executive Board a Profit and Loss Statement for the previous month and a Profit and Loss Statement covering the current fiscal year.  The Treasurer will also have a designated CPA, which is approved by the Executive Board, complete a Tax Return for the Booster Club for the previous Calendar Year.  The CPA will be provided all financial information needed to complete that task including a Detailed Previous Year Profit and Loss Statement, and any other information requested by that CPA. 


We meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Bennington High School Library. We welcome anyone interested in supporting the Bennington Athletic Booster Club.


Welcome to the Bennington Athletic Booster Club website!! As the Athletic Booster Club for Bennington School District in Nebraska, we raise funds for the high school sports’ extracurricular activities.  From our website, you can choose to become a booster club “Individual Member” or a “Corporate Sponsor”.  Regardless, we always need volunteers to help with our concession and apparel sales. Please consider volunteering regardless of gift level or number of hours you can commit. We would appreciate your support of the Bennington Athletic Booster Club.


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