Donations to the Bennington High School Athletics

2020 This year we have provided assistance equaling $34,423.26

Here are the items purchased with those funds

1/8/2020 Wrestling (C. Pokorny) Fog Machine, liquid fog, drapes
2/5/2020 Wrestling (A. Pokorny) State Meal Money
2/5/2020 Cheer (Edens) State Meal Money
2/5/2020 All / Football (Mimick) Butcher Sled Pack
2/5/2020 Baseball (Heese) Batting cage mat & on-deck circles
2/5/2020 All (Lamberty) Aryse Ankle Braces
3/4/2020 Volleyball (Wright) Baden Ski Training ball
5/6/2020 Multiple (Mimick) Resistance Bands
5/6/2020 Multiple (Mimick) Plyometric padded boxes
5/6/2020 Multiple (Mimick) Dehumidifier
5/6/2020 Multiple (Mimick) Oscilating Fans
5/6/2020 Multiple (Mimick) Power Rack
5/6/2020 Multiple (Mimick) Vertical weight storage & weights
5/6/2020 Football (Lenhart) S-pop up tackler
5/6/2020 Football (Lenhart) Shadowman Tackler
5/6/2020 Dance (Lampe) Pom Poms
5/6/2020 Multiple (Lamberty) Air Purifiers
5/6/2020 Multiple (Lamberty) Dynamic Room Sound System
5/6/2020 Basebal / Softball (Lamberty) Field Master
7/1/2020 Athletic Training (LaBombard) Electrostimulation & Utlrasound Machine
7/1/2020 Athletic Training (LaBombard) Ice compression units
7/1/2020 Athletic Training (LaBombard) Water Monster Ultra Spouts