2022 – 2023 Spring Sports

To work during any home games, please sign up here
To work the JV or Varsity Invite, please sign up here



Baseball (All Levels) Schedule
All Levels – Schedule

If you would like to sign up and help during one of the basketball games please choose either Varsity or JV.  Please double check the schedule to make sure you are signing up to work the correct matches.

Example 1:  My son plays on JV, then you would want to sign up to work during the varsity matches.

Example 2:  My daughter plays on varsity, then you would want to sign up to work during the JV matches.

If you have any questions please email us at Benningtonboosterclub@yahoo.com

**please note the start and end times are subject to change and we will do our best to let you know if that happens**

Instructions on how to sign up

  1. If you know the schedule than select the link for that match that you would want to volunteer.  If not you can select one of the schedules below to see when the home matches are.
  2. When you find the day and time, select the “Sign up” box and than press the “Submit & Sign up” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. You than enter your first name, last name and put your email address in twice and select “Sign Up Now!”.
  4. Your name will appear on the page as one of the volunteers (but your email address will not show).
  5. Any questions please let us know!