Current Members (2017-18 School Year)

Executive Board


President:  Curt Bohn
Vice President:  Brad Blum
Treasurer:  Chuck Oborny
Secretary:  Linda Persigehl
Apperal Sales:  Brittanie Butterfield
At Large Members:  Danita Diamond, Kairi Prosowski
Concessions Stand Manager: Shelli Oborny



Gold Members–$75 and above Silver Members — $50 Bronze Members–$25
Mike and Kim Aksamit Mike and Karen Brainerd KC Andersen
James and Mary Ellen Bartels Steve and Michelle Buroker Michael and Beth Andersen
Craig and Tracy Behnken Chad and Cara Colvert Todd and Cher Andersen
Paul and Liz Bencker Children’s Dental Specialist Susan Baldassano
Denise Blake Dan Crnic Brad and Kelli Baumert
Brad and Polly Blum Family Deaver Devin Bird
Lori Blume Brenda Ferris Jason and Jessica Boever
Curt and Dana Bohn Carala Gress Chad and Nicole Boyes
Bill and Verjean Bohn Cory and Dana Gross Joe and Lori Breckenridge
Dale and Jenny Christianson Jeff and Deb Harding Jim and Lori Brown
Chris and Sheryl Cornett Joann and Tracy Heddens Brittanie Butterfield
Russ and Amy Dall Chad and Heather Krejci Mark and Kris Carl
Tracey and Tim Dressen Patrick and Sheila Monahan Cindy Corrigan
Brandon and Carrie Essink Jim and Jill Musel Todd and Dana Crisman
Friends of Bennington Library Kerry and Joan Neumann Trish Dew
Darin and Mindi Gansebom John Opheim Brendon and Danita Diamond
Terry and Theresa Haack Steve and Linda Persigehl Shannon and Leigh Elwood
Gretchen Hall Tammy Prill Brad and Teri Erickson
Brandon Henkel Family Joe and Marla Salcedo Jeff and Nicki Flynn
Tim and Kristy Hoins Rick and Marian Shanks Todd and Joei Harris
David and Tammy Hunke Jeff and Krisa Smith Ron and Lynda Hartman
Bernard and Konni In Den Bosch Brian and Jen Smith Travis and Angie Hawk
Jeff and Kristi Jacobs Angie and Doug Smith Nathan and Tonna Heinemann
Matt and Annie John Doug and Kim Speckmann Kristin Hofts
Joel and Denise Johnston Terrel and Angela Tetschner Michelle and Chad Holtz
Paul and Tera Keatts Martin and Shonnon Thoendel Jim and Cari Hunt
Greg and Jamie Lamberty Mike and Chris Tomjack Kristie Hytrek
Lance and Cindy Laurent Stephen and Elizabeth Turner Jason and Amy Japp
Scott and Summer Limbo Bill and Brandi Wageman Brian and Ginger Jensen
Eric and Krista Lowe Matthew and Cara Whitmire Maggie Kotlarz
Ken and Becky Lowther Jeff and Jennie Woodward Kevin and Lori Kuker
Julie and Phil Matheny Michelle Lage
Terry and Lisa Matlock Brandon and Jennifer Lamke
Paul and Kristin Melton Gerald and Shelley Lampe
Stan & Regina Meradith Kristi Langford
Kara Neuverth Karl and Jodi Larson
Burke and Janna Pohlmann Noel Wade LeClair
Nick and Kari Prosoki Crystal LeClair
Curt and Linda Safranek Dean and Kris Limbach
Pete and Melissa Thompson Richard and Shannon Lutter
Mark and Brooke Toelle Robert and Linda MacDonald
David Tomlinson Dand and Nadien Menke
Steven and Pam Utech Scott and Michelle Michaelis
Gary and Jennifer Wekel Mark O’Connor
Matt & Traci Wullenwaber Chuck and Shelli Oborny
Geri O’Toole
Ryan and Stacey Petersen
Michael and Julie Prine
Aaron and Tara Pritchett
Todd and Julie Puck
Mitch and Kim Rasmussen
Ryan and Teresa Rischling
Don and Janet Rush
Jeff and Kristi Ryan
Tim and Tara Schuman
Jennifer Schmaderer
Mike and Julie Schrum
Tom and Janet Schumacher
Butch and Nancy Spicka
Michael and Jackie Morales Spoehr
Karen Stansberry
Tammy Taylor
Chris & Kim Therkildsen
Son and Kristina Wallingford
Dawn Zaller